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The CL Plus

The CL (Compact Laser) Plus is a theraputic laser, designed for universal application on larger wounds, dental applications, physiotherapy as well as laser acupuncture.

* Multi functional therapy tip
* Energy Efficient 1 x AA Battery
* Adult and Child doses
* One touch operation

CL Plus Medical and Acupuncture Laser for large wounds, dental applications, physiotherpy, acupuncture and theraputic use

Automatic calculation of therapy time

Set area in Cm2, choose dose in J/cm2 and therapy time will be set automatically by the microprocessor.

Automatic calculation of therapy time: Set area in CmSquared, choose dose in J cm squared and therapy time will be set automatically

Technical Information

Output Power: 60mW
Wavelength: 658nm
Laser class: 2 M
Diameter of output beam: 3,2 mm
Therapy time using NiMH batt: 5.5hrs
Weight without battery: 95g
Weight with battery: 116g
Diameter: 20mm
Length: 220mm

Standard Accessories

4 x Rechargeable batteries
Charger for NiMH Battery
Lockable case, aluminum
Laser goggles for an adult patient
Laser goggles for a child patient
Glasses for the therapist
Measurement template for wound size
Applications book
Laser warning sign "Attention Laser Beam"