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Product Comparison

Some important differences to other lasers on the market:

CL - mini Laser:

Laser from competitors

Laser Tip for spot radiation and ears
Clear, pointed tip, best suited to acupuncture as well as spot radiation, also for the inside ear and earlobe, no accessories required
Additional acupuncture equipment required, additional auditory canal top set required, separate spot probe required, i.e. a lot of accessories are required
Timer switch of Acupuncture and Medical Laser
Adjustable timer with rotary switch, calibrated in seconds or joules
Fixed timer or no timer at all
O-Ring tightening, battery leakage protection
O-Ring tightening between battery part and electronics part: protection if the battery leaks!
No protection of the electronics part, a leaking battery would damage the complicated interior of the device.
Battery Contacts, sturdy, no loose contacts
Nickel plated High-force-Double-Contact springs: secure twice contacting, no loose contact!
No Battery contact
Acupuncture Laser Unit and Battery, efficient energy saving
Energy saving because of use of only ONE AA battery
Use of at least two batteries
Easy to use, immediately understandablesometimes very cumbersome and complicated to learn to use
Optimal uniform radiationLight distribution is not uniform, additional diffusor means loss of output