The CL Mini

Designed for Acupuncture, the CL mini therapy laser is a Compact Laser therapy device the size of a pen. It runs on a single battery, is a European design and manufactured machine, imported and for sale in Australia by Acupak. With both European Union accreditation and Australian TGA approval (Australian Therapeutic Goods Authority) this laser acupuncture device is both well designed, easy to use and offers European style and sophistication.


Acupuncture therapy laser pen sized

Acupak is importing a new laser (the CL mini laser) made by Silberbauer in Austria which provides laser therapy in line with our
previous products.

Compact Laser Series CL mini: Overview

CL Mini 8mWatt Acupunture Laser in box
Medical and Acupuncture Laser – 15mm therapeutic laser in box

15 mm diameter only
Timer for exact penetration dose
Energy saving: Device runs on 1 battery only
100% constant output power
Class 2M laser: same therapeutic effect like Class 3B, but fewer safety precautions
Multi function therapy tip
Wide Area coverage- beam point coverage- Ear Nose and Throat suitability.

CL Mini 8mW Handheld Mini Compact Laser
CL Mini 8mW Therapy Laser – battery operated mini compact laser for