Features of the CL mini Laser

Multi Function Therapy Tip

Laser therapy at a point
Set tip directly against skin

Acupuncture Medical laser therapy diagram - Set tip on skin for point therapy

Laser therapy of an area
Distance to skin until 5cm

Acupuncture Medical laser therapy of an area diagram -Distance to skin until 5 cm

Laser therapy at orifices
e.g. directly into the auditory channel

Acupuncture Medical Laser therapy at orifices diagram - e.g. directly into the auditory channel

The laser diode is built into a protected well, so you will get mechanically and optically perfect safety.

100% Constant Output Power

For optimal therapy success: Novel control circuitry, totally without optical measurement, and so totally independent of reflections from the skin!

The result: 100% constant output power = “Constant Power”, also in case of heavy reflections!

Medical and Acupuncture Laser provides Constant Power

Additionally for power monitoring: Electronic monitoring with LED shows independently of this
control if the output power is o.k. – for your security!

Power Monitor Light of the Medical and Acupuncture Laser

You can rely on the constant power and consistent output of the CL mini Laser.



The Compact Laser where you don’t need your watch!
For many applications like acupuncture or neural therapy the same therapy time per point is used, e.g. for acupuncture points 15 sec.

In the Silberbauer Compact Laser CL mini this time is preset!

Medical and Acupuncture Laser Timer function

Simply press the laser start button and hold it pressed down until the laser stops. So you can penetrate many successive points

exactly without any problem. If you want longer therapy time, e.g. for poorly healing wounds, switch the timer to its 1 minute

position. If you want 3 minutes time release the button after the laser has stopped after the first minute and press it again, etc.

For shorter periods release the button and the laser will stop immediately


Clean the tip with antiseptic swab (non alcohol based) and a soft cloth. Cleaning the tip with alcohol swabs is not recommended and may damage the tip over time.

Power Consumption

Medical and Acupuncture Laser Requires 1xAA battery

Runs on 1XAA Battery.

Safety Precautions

Medical and Acupuncture Laser Class and safety Precautions

This relatively new laser class is applicable for devices with a beam with large divergence so that it is completely save in a certain distance – for the eye as well as for the skin.

The label “Attention, Laser beam” remains as a content of standard delivery because it is a good advertising for the doctor.
The laser sign “wear protection goggles” is no longer necessary.

CL mini Series – Manual

Please select the image below to download the manual.
The manual is a pdf document please ensure you have a pdf document reader.
CL Mini Series theraputic laser Manual

CL Mini Manual 1.2MB
Compact Laser Series CL mini-manual.pdf
1.2 MB