Medical and Acupuncture Laser Equipment Sales and Service

    Acupak located in Melbourne Australia, supplies medical therapy laser equipment, particularly low power laser therapy units, to Australia and New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Our most recent model for sale, the CL Plus laser is a therapeutic laser, designed for universal application on larger wounds, dental applications, physiotherapy and laser acupuncture. Our standard model the CL Mini is an 8mW laser appropriate for laser acupuncture applications. Acupak lasers are approved by the TGA (Australian Therapeutic Goods Authority). Acupak now offers the 100mW laser. The 100mW laser improves penetration depths, reduces treatment time and comes with all the standard features of the CL Plus.

    Rechargeable Batteries

    Regarding laser batteries, the 8 and 60mW lasers will last some weeks before recharging.
    If you use the 100mW a lot particularly on laser therapy, the batteries will not last very long before recharging is needed. Make sure the second battery is charged so it can be immediately swapped for the other cell.

    Non-rechargeable Batteries

    Non-rechargeables particularly the Lithium cell for cameras will last a long time but may leak if left in too long.
    The repair is not covered under guarantee, but if changed say monthly leakage is unlikely.